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Social media star Logan Paul has definitely never been someone to keep his private life, well, private. The Viner-turned-YouTuber is an open book, which is why his relationships are commonly in the media. Most recently, the influencer was spotted holding hands with Josie Canseco. Hollywood can be pretty small. But on February 21, , reports hit the web that the couple had split. Likewise, like I want an opinionated girl. I want an intelligent girl and I live in L. Then on May 4, , when the influencer uploaded a new YouTube video featuring his ex, some fans quickly started to speculate that they were back together. He then confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that they were indeed going strong again!

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If you find yourself dating someone who falls into this category, then there are things that you can do to give a relationship with an online personality the best possible chance to develop. Kathryn Morgan , for example, is a professional ballet dancer and she started her online career with, you guessed it, videos relating to ballet. But as her popularity grew, she was asked to do some vlogs that became so popular that she now runs a lifecasting channel as well as her ballet one. On this channel, she vlogs about things like her upcoming marriage preparations, career, and daily life.

When you become involved with someone who makes sections of their life public, then you have to speak out about how much of that you are willing to participate in. Popular trans Youtuber Gigi Gorgeous is another social media personality with a huge following who documented her relationship with a new boyfriend.

Many YouTuber personalities were grown from vlogging (blogging + videoing themselves), so the audience really gets to know them. Others.

As some of you may or may not know, at the beginning of last year, I came out of a 4 year marriage. Luckily, at that time while my life was being dragged through the gutter, the one thing that kept me sane was my travel blog and the travel blogging community. Just a few months after my breakup I met some of my virtual, Twitter friends at the first Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Manchester- it was a ball and I had an amazing few days.

Hanging out with travel bloggers on these trips or at conferences- I suddenly felt like I had met my own tribe. People who understood your life as a aspiring struggling travel blogger- I could share my highs and lows. At times, it does get lonely and you do wish at times you could share those moments with someone…. You tend to find the bloggers who are experiencing burnout on the road are the solo ones- short-term travel is cool but a life travelling solo can take a toll on you longterm.

They seem to have the found the perfect balance and in many ways compliment each other with different skills- one could be the writer while the other is the photographer, just a general example.

YouTuber Psychodrama Reaches Dark New Depths

YouTube is better than reality TV. There’s something so entertaining about following people you don’t even know IRL. Maybe, it’s because they actually want us to tune in. They give us the sort of access that celebrities don’t and that’s what makes YouTubers so relatable.

The beauty vlogger had replied to his offer by questioning where their date should be, and it looks like the two guys then had an actual.

Soon after we met, Jenn asked me to take her photo. We were dating, but she was also creating content for her channels. I was in my mids when the rock band I was in, Young Guns, started to become successful. We went to San Francisco to record our album, and one night a mutual friend introduced me to a girl called Jenn. We connected instantly: you know when you just know — there was something about her. I had no idea when we met that she was a vlogger and fashion influencer with millions of followers.

Soon after we met, Jenn flew to London. On our first proper date we went for a picnic at Alexandra Palace — that was the first time she asked me to take a photo of her. I felt a bit of pressure; I wanted to get it right as I was very focused on trying to make her fall in love with me. Not long after that, we started going out.

We answered questions from her fans, like what nicknames we call each other. At the time, I pretty much had no idea what YouTube was but it felt great to know she wanted to show me off. She continued to ask me to take photos of her whenever we met. The more trips I went on as a plus one, the more photos I was taking.

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It’s been over a year since YouTubers David Dobrik and Liza Koshy announced their split in a video that went viral 57 million views and counting and confirmed that true love really is dead It might seem like he doesn’t have the time to vlog, judge on America’s Most Musical Family , record his podcast ‘ Views ‘ with Jason Nash , and keep a thriving relationship with Seatgeek alive, let alone a romantic relationship. But that hasn’t stopped fans theorising that he’s been harbouring a secret significant other this entire time And how many best friends does this guy actually have?

Let’s find out.

vlog through a typical college day, or discuss an aspect of campus culture, like the dating or party scenes. In the “college decision” category, for which people.

For nearly eight months, knowledge of this troubling relationship had festered in my mind. While both give off deranged energy on their own — Jake is best known for terrorizing West Hollywood with elaborate video pranks, and Tana for throwing a disastrous vlogger convention called TanaCon — together, their chaotic energy was off the charts. So in early January, I rejoiced over the revelation that I could expel this nightmarish couple from my mind palace.

But, distressingly, my celebration was premature. Let me openly process my feelings, starting with the lunch outing: Were other celebs to partake in the low-level of PDA exhibited on Monday, I would perhaps be more skeptical of claims that they were into each other. Surely, a kiss on the head can be a platonic display of intimacy. But Tana and the Paul brothers are no normal celebs — in fact, it would be par for the course if Tana were to date Logan after dating Jake.

Or perhaps to pretend to date Logan after pretending to date Jake. As for that second edited Instagram, it rendered me speechless. I wondered, Is Jake playing into the speculation that Logan and his ex are kissing, knowing it to be untrue? Or is he furious with his brother, and choosing to express his anger in such a public, childlike way?

And, well, it seems I may finally have my answer. So, there we have it: The Tana-Logan relationship is fake … I think? At this point, I sincerely do not know anymore, as knowledge of this cursed mess has irreparably severed my touch with reality.


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Fans of YouTuber David Dobrik are convinced he is now dating his assistant It might seem like he doesn’t have the time to vlog, judge on.

The vlogger shares a majority of her daily life on her YouTube channel, where she has 1. While Corinna shares most of her personal life with the internet, one thing we’re dying to know is who the influencer is dating in After months of Todd and Corinna bearing the brunt of the dating jokes in David’s vlogs, the Vlog Squad members made their relationship official in late But the romance between the two was short-lived. Within a few months, she and Todd had decided to call their relationship quits, with jokes of infidelity circling during David’s vlogs.

The pair broke up in April , which Corinna addressed in a vlog titled “we broke up, but we’re still friends. In the vlog, she said she and Todd broke up, though most of the other vlog members were confused about their relationship status. Their split happened before the Shorty Awards, though Todd made an announcement on stage that implied they were still together.

A year after her split with Todd, Corinna was then dating Fortnite pro gamer Tfue after rumors began circulating about her seeing both Tfue and Logan Paul at the same time. In June of the same year, the pair ended up deciding to take a break while streaming Fortnite together. Corinna complained openly on the stream that she was upset about how infrequently Tfue flew out to Los Angeles to visit her compared to how often she flew out to visit him.

However, it wasn’t long after this that the pair decided to call it quits, likely because of the distance between them. At this time, it looks like Corinna is single.

Narins Beauty and Mo Vlogs’ relationship, explained

How we met: I met Melinda on November of Scrolling through a dating website, desperately trying to fill a void in me, I saw her picture and decided to message her. Days pass, weeks pass, months pass, and no reply. Only in February of did she finally respond to my message. At this point, I already gave up on online dating, but decided to give it one more shot.

Soon after we met, Jenn asked me to take her photo. We were dating, but she was also creating content for her channels.

Smith adopted the stage name Kalel Cullen in reference to Superman and Twilight, respectively. Kalel is widely known for her multiple YouTube channels and personalities. She is known to frequently delete all her content before revealing a new style or theme. Beginning with successful beauty channel queenbeeuty in , Kalel developed a large subscriber base. Five months after the video was posted, queenbeeuty was removed from YouTube.

Kalel briefly posted lifestyle, vlogs and advice videos on her second channel, KalelCullenTV , but the channel did not gain the traction of her previous one.

Corinna Kopf Is Single… for Now

Marzia’s best friend suggested that she watch “this idiot playing video games. The future Mrs. Kjellberg was charmed by the wit of said “idiot,” so she decided to contact him over email. It wasn’t long before the couple started dating long-distance, with Marzia living in Italy and Felix in Sweden.

m members in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.

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An advocate of real life dating skills she’s used her websites and her online member’s clubs to show people that there’s more to life than meeting someone than Tinder. She’s been a featured expert for The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Made in Chelsea, Sunrise on 7 and has had a Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary based around her explorations into sexuality and relationships.

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Like any other student, he made mistakes, contemplated new ideas, and tried to best manage his time. Fish does. During his senior year of high school in Waterloo, Canada, Fish started making daily video blogs vlogs and posting them on YouTube. Those interested could watch him spend time with friends, cook, and prepare for track meets. Confined to his house and unable to take viewers—to the extent there were any—out and about with him, he decided to make a video exploring a popular YouTube topic: college admissions.

The minute opus brought him hundreds of thousands of views.

It wasn’t long before the couple started dating long-distance, with Marzia living in explaining to her fans why she quit her career as a vlogger.

We provide genuine, quality and actionable relationship advice to our community. Our content revolves around bringing men and women together in partnership. The position will start with a paid test video. You need to have a webcam and a microphone and a clean background where you can take video for the channel. You don’t need a studio or anything like that. These videos need to be clean and look good but what’s more important is your personality and content.

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