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There is a lot of baggage that comes with marrying an Arab man. The American reference point for this part of the world is limited to what they see in movies and what is on the news. Sure there are some Americans who have been to this part of the world but they are few and far between. I really wish I would have kept a notebook with all of the comments I have received over the years. One of the most surprising facts for many Americans I’ve spoken with is the fact that there are Muslim and Christian Arabs, and that Christian Arabs shock use Arabic for their services and in fact use the word Allah for God. Most assume all Arabs are Muslim. This is just one of the many assumptions people have based on their limited experiences with people of this background. These are a few of the other assumptions people have had about my husband not him as a person but him as an Arab man.

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Today we will talk about the Christian Monuments and Monasteries in Egypt, when it comes to religion in Egypt, most of us tend to think either of the current dominant religion Islam or, especially in terms of tourism , of the ancient religion. The beliefs of god-king Pharaohs, the afterlife, and the concept of multiple deities fascinates most of us and is often a tourism focal point. However, what you may now know is that Christianity also played a large role in Egyptian history and still does today.

The Christian religion has an interesting history in Egypt.

Coptic mural paintings in the monasteries of Upper Egypt are fresco consisting of fresh lime, or onto plaster layers dating back to different.

Charlie Hoyle. Endemic sectarian attacks have continued and institutional discrimination remains entrenched since Sisi took power. Date of publication: 4 February, But as long as we’re together Inaugurated a year earlier in Egypt’s new administrative capital, and thought to be the largest in the Middle East, the cathedral exemplifies the carefully crafted state narrative of Sisi as the saviour of Coptic Christians. During his rise to power he promised to protect the community and serve as a bulwark against terrorism in the region.

Furthermore, Egypt’s military has failed to contain Islamic militancy, with a series of devastating attacks targeting Coptic Christians. Amid a wider crackdown on civil society, which intensified following a renewal of anti-government protests in September , any leniency towards Coptic activism has also now lapsed, with prominent critics of anti-Christian violence detained by the regime in recent months. Trapped between the state and society, Coptic Christians have protection from neither.

Support for the Egyptian regime and the president’s self-proclaimed allyship have led to bitter resentment among large swathes of Egyptians. Despite purging all political opposition and stifling virtually every avenue of free expression, Sisi has publicly promoted an image of unifying Egypt, and the Coptic minority has been a buttress for both domestic and international legitimacy.

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Islam is Egypt’s official state religion and the country’s legislation is primarily based on Islamic law, or Sharia US 15 Sept. However, according to the International Religious Freedom Report , Egyptian family law takes into account the edicts associated with Islam, Judaism and Christianity — the three religions the country officially recognizes US 15 Sept. As the report states, “Muslim families are subject to Sharia, Christian families to canon law, and Jewish families to Jewish law” ibid.

Both civil and religious laws reportedly prevent men who are Coptic Christians from marrying Muslim women ibid. Further, if a husband converts to Islam while his wife remains a Christian, the law does not consider them separated unless the wife asks for a divorce. However, if the wife is the one to convert, the judge asks the husband if he would like to convert as well to keep his wife.

sider the problem of the epistle’s date; other questions which are of great interest to students of early Egyptian Christianity will be only incidentally mentioned.

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The Dating of the Earliest. Christian Books in Egypt. General Considerations. The subject of this book, early Christian books in Egypt, cannot make any claim to.

Then, we are Egyptian, which is instilled in us by our family. Our interaction with Egyptian culture occurs at home most of the time and might be limited here in the United States. Nevertheless, it has a strong hold on our imagination, our pride, and our lives. Finally, we are Coptic. This is perhaps the most limited, since Coptic culture is no longer dominant in any country; rather, in every Sunday liturgy, every bible study, and every church retreat, our Coptic culture comes to life.

None of these cultures exist in a vacuum; rather, all three interact with each other.

Life in Egypt for a Christian Woman: ‘Easy Prey’

The following is not a prioritized list, but mainly suggestions to be used as seen fit and according to the time, place and people you are with. They are all safe topics that would not offend and that are dear to Egyptians. However, make sure that you stay away from political opinions and stick to general human values. Cultural topics like music, authors etc.

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Hearing the comments from the Copts teenagers are not the basic references because some experiences them has his own opinion may be it was mixed with egyptian American culture or has some of deformations. It is preferred to get the dating of dating which has different experiences in many countries from coptic Coptic priests I advice you to go Coptic orthodox church and meet a priests there.

The Copts relationships between each other [including relationship between opposite sex] basic and only referenced on the Holy Bible, so if you go your Egypt and ask a Coptic priest it would be the same as in America or even overseas. The Copts taking care of their spiritual live which man a safety valve experiences their live dating Earth, so they depend mainly on the Holy Bible for their relationships.

Even this dating culture of Copts is not in Coptic communities only, you may find it in the Christian communities in coptic middle east Jordan,Iraq,Palestine,. At last:. Dating man different than Marriage, Engagement your different than Marriage, The mental and moral relationship is different from the physical relationship. I don’t even know how to comment on your post.

There’s so ladies information! Hi Fady, Thanks for your comment ladies your input.

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Sisi has long crafted an image as the protector of Coptic Christians, a community trapped between the Date of publication: 4 February,

Copts are also the largest Christian denomination in Sudan and Libya. Historically, they spoke the Coptic language , a direct descendant of the Demotic Egyptian that was spoken in late antiquity. Copts of Egyptian ancestry maintain a distinct ethnic identity , and generally reject an Arab identity , [29] but they also have a national identity shared with other Egyptians. The majority of demographic, socioeconomic and health indicators are similar among Copts and Muslims.

After the Muslim conquest of Egypt it became restricted to those Egyptians adhering to the Christian religion. This association may have contributed to making “Copt” the settled form of the name.

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donovani DNA in ancient Egyptian and Christian Nubian mummies dating back 4, years. Besides the first proof for visceral leishmaniasis in paleopathology.

The documented history of Egypt dates back to the age of codification about BC and over more than years of its written history. Although the country was subjected to military occupation dozens of times over this long period, Egypt changed its religious doctrine only twice. The first was in the first Century with Christianity, and the second with Islam in the seventh century.

In fact, Egypt has succeeded in injecting both Islam and Christianity with many of its ancient beliefs. In the end, the essence of the ancient Egyptian doctrine was centered on faith in the resurrection after death, reckoning, paradise and hell, all of which are essential components to all the Abrahamic religions. Perhaps we need to explain how Egypt created its own version of Islam in a separate article. But for Christianity, the Egyptian touches are very influential in the religion that has spread worldwide.

Christianity, which appeared in the first century, was considered another version of Judaism.

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Here she offers an introduction to what her life is like as a Coptic Orthodox woman in Egypt. CAIRO — To be a woman in a country where most of her people see women as a disgrace, and at best look at her from a sexual point of view, it is a heavy burden, but even worse when you are a Christian woman. It is hell!

Rising wave of conservatism. An Egyptian woman prays at the Archangels Greek Orthodox Church in Cairo. (AFP). CAIRO – Christian activists.

A Coptic journalist has detailed her frustration living as a woman in an Egyptian society where men regularly treat Christian woman as whores, and shared ways in which the Coptic Church has also mistreated females. As many women across the world today are speaking out about the sexual abuses they have faced at the hands of men, Magdy said that sexual harassment in Egypt should be described as a country-wide “epidemic.

In the Muslim-majority African country, Christian women and other religious minorities who don’t cover their heads in public are targets. Magdy explained that she is careful to watch out for those types of men, some of whom she has worked with in the past. What’s worse, Hagdy said, is that in many cases, the community will always defend the harasser against allegations of a woman who was harassed.

She added that in some cases where women report harassment, they are told not to “get caught up in a scandal” because “shame will be on you. The study also found that victim shaming is common in Egypt, even among women. Eighty-four percent of women surveyed agreed that “women who dress provocatively deserve to be harassed.

Leishmaniasis in Ancient Egypt and Upper Nubia

Our relationship was entirely through my second language , Arabic. At first there was nothing forbidden about it at all — we met, we did the right thing and approached her father for permission, he gave us the green light, preparations for the engagement ceremony were made — everything was perfect. That was until a bunch of unforeseen problems came our way that threw a spanner in the works and brought the whole thing to a halt.

CAIRO – 3 May The matter of divorces amongst the Coptic community in Egypt has been one of the most troubling issues in the church.

CAIRO — 3 May The matter of divorces amongst the Coptic community in Egypt has been one of the most troubling issues in the church since ; the year in which Pope Shenouda lll of Alexandria proclaimed that divorce must be on the grounds of adultery. Eight important questions to understand the issue of divorce in the Coptic Church: Does Christianity allow for divorce? The matter of divorce is according to the faith and doctrine of each church. In the Catholic Church there is no divorce, but it is possible to annul a marriage.

However, in the Orthodox and Evangelical Churches, divorce is possible but under certain terms and conditions. Why has the personal status issue of the Copts worsened in the recent years? The first is if the husband or the wife committed an affair or the act of adultery, which is hard to prove. The second is if one of the two parties has changed religion.

The Coptic Church depended on a regulation called the Regulation, which permitted divorce in the case of seven situations: physical abusing, indulging in debauchery, persistence of aversion, absence, imprisonment, infectious disease and insanity. Then came the list of , which limited the permissibility of divorce to indulging in debauchery adultery , and change in religion only.

What does it mean to change religion? The union of the family or the community between the spouses is a prerequisite for the completion of the marriage by the church.