A Lesson in Street Art: how a movement morphed out of graffiti and into the art world (Part I)

I was proud of the title and relished the years of cat-and-mouse games as they tried to apprehend me. I’m writing a wall called Addicted to Steel: the Story of London’s Instagram Wanted Graffiti Vandal, which gives a detailed artist of how our secret society exists. Graffiti art originated in the late s in Philadelphia in the US, and then arrived on the New York subway system in the 70s, so for me it’s always been an art form based on trains. Dating on trains is very fast-moving – is blackpink dating ban lifted you 10foot it, it goes into oker, it goes from one city to the next, one end of the country to the other, so everyone gets to see it for a certain writer of artist, and then it gets cleaned off. To me it was all about the movement, the fluidity of it, rather than it being stagnant on a artist where most people wouldn’t see it. I wanted my wall how over the city. By the timeline it came to England, the wall scene was pretty much over in New York. By the mids, the graffiti art movement had gone global. At school, I would sit in artists drawing my name when of listening to the teachers.

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Have you ever been to an art museum or gallery? If you look closely, you might see art all around you. It may be on walls or buildings outside.

Scribbled graffiti, likely written by a builder years ago, has changed the historical understanding of Pompeii. THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL And, crucially, it adds a date: “XVI K Nov,” which refers to the 16th day.

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This article will examine why graffiti writers responded to the lawsuit against Revok this way, considering these graffiti writers had to undertake great personal risk to commit their acts of vandalism and, because none of them had any personal or financial stake in the outcome of the lawsuit. To understand why graffiti writers acted as they did graffiti as a protest act and as a spectacle will be discussed, as will the importance of subcultural capital.

Through sharing their acts on social media and associating it with the Revok vs. The work was painted illegally. Revok never asked permission to produce the work, nor did the New York City Parks and Recreation Department grant permission for the work to remain on the space. This figure is not covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4. The lawsuit was shared on social media and the graffiti community reacted with outrage see Fig.

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Spray Planet’s 11 Questions with Graffiti Writer CAB ONE

T he case of Kristian Holmes, the graffiti artist jailed this week for three and a half years after being convicted of 39 incidents of criminal damage and perverting the course of justice, brings back vivid memories for me. Like him, I led a double life — respectable job by day, graffiti artist by night. Like him, I’m a dad.

And like him, I was caught and sent to prison. I was sentenced to 16 months, of which I served four months in HMP Wormwood Scrubs and four months on home detention curfew, with the remainder to serve on licence. I find it interesting that Stuart Hall, the entertainer who was convicted of child abuse this week , got only 15 months.

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In ancient times, graffiti was carved or painted onto walls and often times contained declarations of love, examples of retoric, and magic spells. One particular example is a supposed prostitution advertisement on the walls of the Greek city Ephesus. In the beginning, graffiti was used mostly by street gangs to mark their territory. This desire to be noticed is what started the practice of tagging.

TAKI worked as a mail carrier. He took to the habit of writing his name every single place he went including subway cars and buses, eventually making it his mission to ride every single bus and subway car running through NYC. As graffiti gained popularity, writers started to compete for popularity. This turned graffiti into its own subculture. Old writers began taking on apprentices, groups of writers started forming crews, and large groups of writers would gather together to admire each others work.

Despite the Style Wars going on at this time, graffiti formed strong bonds between writers because they were all appreciating the same art form. Subway cars became the best targets for writers because they traveled long distances day and night.

How Old Is Graffiti?

Top 5 street artists in the art world- Part II. Slapped together by Chad with help from Schmoo. Note that this list is quite dated and somewhat NYC-centric. So terms in use in your area may well be different. A newer glossary has been compiled by th Street. An effort has been made to keep to some of the history of each word, its origins and its current application to graffiti culture.

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Buscas sprayplanet. From releasing his own signature skateboards to having graff pieces appear in many popular video games – CAB ONE is no stranger to the fame game. CAB talks to us all about growing up in the Los Angeles barrio of Boyle Heights , his dedication to craft, and his full on embracement of the graffiti lifestyle very early on. He also dives into how he personally watched graffiti in the city of Los Angeles change over his time in the game.

Just recently back from a trip to Tel Aviv, CAB talks about his newly found mission to take his artwork and brand across the globe for all to experience firsthand. Spray Planet: How did you get exposed to the graffiti culture? Was it something you saw around your environment growing up? I realized masterpieces could also be done with spray paint, and I religiously wanted to be part of it How did you get it and how long have you been writing it?

Prior to hooking up with KEY, I had just been tagging the buses like the rest of my boys and the writers in the neighborhood… So when I met up with KEY, I decided I wanted step up my game and go all city with tags and throw-ups.

Graffiti Bombing

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Spray Planet Interview with Los Angeles Graffiti Writer OG CAB ONE I was the only one that stayed connected to art & graffiti year to date.

Newly discovered scribbles of graffiti, unearthed by archeologists excavating the site, just changed the historical narrative on precisely when the natural disaster occurred. For centuries, historians believed that the eruption of Mount Vesuvius happened earlier in the year, in August. This was based on a letter from Roman writer Pliny the Younger to the historian Tacitus, written 25 years after the disaster. A few details about Pompeii made historians suspect that Pliny or perhaps the monks transcribing copies of his letter got the date right, but the month wrong.

The new discovery adds further evidence that it was autumn when the volcano erupted. As charcoal writing is quickly worn away, archeologists believe the graffiti must have been written within a week of the eruption. This means that on this day, 1, years ago, someone idly dawdled a note about their meal on the wall. And, a week later, the entire city was destroyed. By providing your email, you agree to the Quartz Privacy Policy.

2,000-year-old graffiti just rewrote the history on Pompeii

Check out our ten favorite female graffiti writers after the jump. Nina Pandolfo. She is one of the most well known artists in Brazil today, and exhibits in galleries around the world. Residing in Tokyo, Sasu takes an illustrative approach rendering beautiful murals that use simple iconography and symbols like Buddhist deities and mandala-like patterns in favor of name-based tags.

Lady Pink. Now one of the most revered artists of her generation, Swoon creates portraits of her friends and family as wheat paste cutouts and block prints.

Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and it has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient​.

All photos by the author. Hong Kong is an incredibly dense, crowded, and loud city, but as I explored the neighborhoods of the Kowloon area, I often found myself suddenly alone in dank back alleys. It’s here you’ll find a kind of United Nations of graffiti, jumbles of tags by visiting writers from the US and other parts of Asia, some dating back to the early s. There were locals too, including XEME, with his handstyles characterized by an X formed from overlapping half-circles, and YUMOH, with his crisp, flared spray tags, were up just about everywhere.

These two, everyone who knew Hong Kong graffiti told me, were the most active and connected writers around. The duo picked me up in a beat-up car late one evening near the bustling Nathan Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, along with a young writer named GRAVR visiting from the Philippines. The main mission of the night was to paint a highway spot.

Graffiti Artist Becomes Millionaire After Asking Facebook for Stock Instead of Payment for Work